Rates from September 1st, 2018

Treatment at Hollenberg 9, Aalten (NL): 90 euros

Treatment of a horse/pony on location: 100 euros

The treatment must be paid in cash afterwards.

The prices include VAT.

Naturally, a visitation fee will be added to a treatment on location.

This visitation fee is calculated according to the number of kilometers driven. It will be easy to determine what the cost of the treatment on location (treatment incl. visitation fee) will be, on the map below. As the costs of the visitations are already slightly divided over the number of customers / horses per region, this treatment fee on location applies per horse.

As a member of the VPSN (association equestrian masseurs) and BCND, I am obliged to follow training. Therefore, the quality, for you as a customer, is guaranteed.

jeroen duenk