The body never forgets

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The body never forgets

Fascia (connective tissue) is a very fine membrane surrounding everything in the body. Think of the pleura, pericardium, peritoneum, meninges. And fascia is also the membrane surrounding the bones, muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

The complete fascial system is made up of the same embryonic layer. This connects each structure of the body with each other and ensures that the different body structures (e.g. organs) can move in relation to each other.

Fascia contains some very important properties:
It provides support and protection for the different body structures. It gives structure to the body but also provides flexibility and movement. In addition, it’s also the ‘waste bin’ of the body. All substances the body can’t excrete’, are stored in the liver and the various connective tissue structures of the body. As long as there’s still space in the waste bin, these waste products cause little or no complaints. When the bin is getting full, numerous complaints can arise such as fatigue, pain, inflammation, allergy and reduced resistance.

How can you trace these structural problems?
Listening is an important part of osteopathy. With my hands I listen to the body of horses / people which makes me able to detect subtle tensions in the fascia which can indicate trauma, emotion, tissue tension etc. Releasing these stresses is accompanied by increased freedom of movement, reduced pain and / or emotional discharge.

Through osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy it’s possible to optimize the stresses in the fascia structures of the body. In doing so I make the body ‘unwind’, wherever it wants to move. In other words, resetting and thus releasing emotional trauma and tension.

All bodies have a ’tissue memory’. This memory is located all over the body near the fascia structures of our body. The tissue memory is a tool to park certain emotions and traumas that we are unable or unwilling to process and release. As long as we don’t do anything with it, these emotions and traumas remain stored.

The body never forgets …
However, this tool also has a disadvantage. It takes a lot of energy for the body to hold these emotions / traumas and affects the body’s ability to load. In the long term, subtle changes can occur such as behavioural problems / change. This allows the body to function differently and eventually changes in tissue structures will occur.

With every treatment I try to bring the body to a point where the body can take over again. After that, the self-healing ability of the body will ensure recovery.

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