Tissue memory

An important part on which Jeroen Duenk works is fascia. Fascia is a special band or sheet of connective tissue surrounding muscles, bones and joints. It protects and supports the body parts which it surrounds, gives structure to the body and ensures flexibility and mobility of the different structures in relation to each other, like organs. As long as everything can move well in relation to each other, the body remains free of complaints.

However, every accident, trauma, disruption, scar and emotion is stored in the fascia structures, whereby the tissue memory is activated and the tissues are put under tension. The balance can be disturbed both from the inside and from the outside, as the body is exposed to changing conditions during our life. The body often repairs itself. Sometimes the disturbance is so strong or lasts so long that the body is unable to fully recover. The result is a reduced mobility of tissue, which can cause complaints..

Jeroen Duenk has been trained to examine loss of mobility in the different body systems. He looks for the cause and a lasting solution to the problem. By promoting mobility, the body is enabled to heal itself and to function in a healthy and complaint-free manner.

The body doesn’t forget

The tissue memory is a tool the body offers to store certain emotion and/or trauma that we are unable or unwilling to process. These emotions and traumas stay stored, as long as the body doesn’t act upon it.

However, this tool also has a disadvantage; it takes a lot of energy for the body to keep this emotion and/or trauma stored and therefore has an effect on the physical capacity of the body. The method by which Jeroen Duenk tries to remedy these problems is diverse. There is a combination of massage, osteopathy, cranio-sacral and dry-needling, for example.

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