With the massage there is a dynamic interaction between Jeroen and the horse. “With a simple massage, I can become a confidant for the horse. This through my pure intention to promote the welfare of the horse and by using my knowledge and experience with horses. It saves half of the work if the trust is there. The other half lies in the horse's ability to feel energetic sensation in its body and the ability to communicate with me through body language.”

“It’s very important for me to tune myself to the horse and let myself be guided by him or her during the treatment. During treatment, I will try to give the horse what it needs at that particular moment, by focusing my attention on the horse and using all my senses to understand the horse's needs.”

Massage is a form of manual therapy. It is intended to have a mechanical effect on skin, connective tissue and muscle, by stretching-, tensile- and compressive stimuli. The effect of the massage extends from the treated area of the body to the entire body, including the mind.

Massages improve circulation and stimulate the metabolism. Waste products are better disposed of, the lymph fluid is stimulated, adhesions of the connective tissue are released, cramped muscles are relaxed, weak muscles are stimulated.

Massages have a stimulating or calming effect on the horse's mind. It’s also possible to stimulate specific muscle groups prior to riding or a competition or loosen and relax heavily loaded muscles after training or a tough show. Ideally, a targeted massage is an optimal preparation and follow-up of a competition.

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