Body language and signals

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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018

Body language and signals

A horse is a herd animal, so in the herd, it depends for a large part on body language. This can be seen from the clearest signals of the ears and the showing of the teeth, to the soft eye reflexes, body movement, change of breathing and many other signals.

The horse will do its best not to show its weaknesses, to protect himself, not to be mistaken as a weak animal in the herd towards a predator, or to be banished from the herd. This is why it’s so difficult to determine the severity of a problem.

I have learned to follow the reactions and signals the horse gives me. In this way the horse tells me where he’s tensed up and where he has released the hidden tension. By working with; energy, multiple techniques (which are not repelled by the horses internal defence system), I am able to rid the horses nervous system of the tension that has accumulated over time.

A fascinating aspect is when the horse begins to understand that it can relax and let go of its instinct.

He starts to participate in a process, by releasing even more tension / energy and in a much easier way. This manifests itself as a bond of trust between me and the horse …

So, give your horse the chance to completely relax its body and be amazed by the amount of tension that can be released!

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